Sexy Arthur Vink probably doesn't need to bring gifts as an excuse to get some fun with gorgeous little Leo Alfano

But the presentation of a veined dildo is of course going to pique the boy's interest even more. Within moments Leo is presenting his tight little ass, framed by the straps of his underwear. Arthur eases a finger into the warm and welcoming hole, so tight and so tempting. With a little work the head of the toy is inside, humping lightly to ease his little friend open. It's an appropriate start to their play, soon Leo's incredibly long uncut cock is hard and leaking, his pucker ready for Arthur to slide his naked erection in deep. The boy starts slow, easing his swollen tip into Leo's pucker, following up with another inch, and another, until he's in deep. The boy is in heaven, stroking his gorgeous long dick while his friend enjoys his warm chute, thrusting their way to a couple of splashing cum loads that leave little Leo sticky front and back, and wholly satisfied too.

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