Muscle Boy Carlos Jorge Cum Leaps Out

We already know that handsome and incredibly fit young show off Carlos Jorge is going to become one of the most popular arrivals of the year. This hot 21 year old muscle boy loves to display himself and it doesn't matter if you're a guy or a girl, as long as you can appreciate his smooth body and his big cock he's going to get it out for you. He's ready to perform, enjoying his own body in the bathroom and watching himself in the mirror, his muscles pumped and flexing while he rubs his long and stiff cock in his slippery grip. He shows us his virgin ass, massaging his smooth cheeks and giving us a peek at his tight little pucker before returning his attention to his long erection and working himself to an intense climax, bringing us all along for the ride with him. It's definitely the thrill of being watched that makes his heavy muscle boy cum splash out like that all over his abs, leaping from his dick to make a hot and milky mess over himself.

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