Christian Hansen Gets Super Hard For You

Eighteen year old Christian Hansen might be new to appearing on video but this gorgeous boy seems to have a natural skill for teasing and enticing. He's an exhibitionist by nature, it seems. With a little groping and exploring his shorts are slipping off to reveal the shape of a long and slender cock straining in his tight little white briefs. It's a temptation we wouldn't be able to stand for long if we were there, but thankfully he doesn't keep us waiting, revealing his gorgeous stiff cock, long and slender, with a slight curve in the shaft. His balls are tight and his pleasure is already growing as he pumps his hard cock in his fist and shows us his pert little ass, playing with his cheeks and teasing us with his snug little hole. There's not a man out there who would way no to the offer of sliding in and filling him up. We're quite sure he's thinking about the last time he enjoyed that sensation as he lays back and jerks his raging cock to a creamy cum load.

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