A Plug In his Relaxed Hole

A lot of boys relax with a good wank, but gorgeous boy Dennis Boer likes to combine his masturbatory bliss with some traditional meditation. Breathing deep and emptying his mind it's not long before the sexy student is exploring his lean and tight body. His cock begins to throb in his shorts as fingers play over his skin. As he moves to a chair his cock is revealed, a rigid uncut length of teen boner desperate to be stroked and emptied, a task he's more than equipped to do. With his shorts off and his tight and hairless hole exposed he dips a finger in, then two, easing himself open and relaxing into it in preparation for a metal plug to ease inside. The bejeweled toy feels amazing in his rectum, his cock even harder as he lays back on the floor and strokes himself, the pleasure rising in waves until semen pumps from his tip to pour out over his hand and thigh.

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